Sports Car Enthusiasts of Northwest Arkansas
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PostSubject: *FORUM RULES*   *FORUM RULES* EmptyTue Oct 06, 2009 2:13 pm

1. Make an intro thread. Tell us why you're here and what you drive. You will be a "probationary" member until you make a thread and can only see the Site Support and Member's Introduction Forums. It's to keep the clowns out Twisted Evil

2. Be sure to make your posts legible with punctuation and watch your grammar. Stay away from the "IM talk" [i.e. 'u' 'r' 'b4' etc.] You will be ridiculed for your poor spelling and/or grammar if your posts look as if they were written by a 4th Grader. Mozilla even has a spell checker so there is no excuse.

3. There is no best car, but you can try to prove your point. Adding evidence to your argument is suggested and welcome. There definitely are inferior cars, thoughts and opinions on this are permitted within reason. Please no personal insults though.

4. Be sure you have thick skin before you post on this site, we are not here to baby you and tell you you're special while censoring other member's posts simply because they have an opinion.

5. For Sale / Wanted Ads - Be sure to describe your items in detail, include pictures, and list a price. If you don't do those things your post may be deleted. Posting a link to craigslist is fine, but be sure to include a description here as well. Also no peddling useless shit like man rings or gold watches. This is a car site.

Welcome to NWA Motorsports!

- M B
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